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This page is created to share the useful information you need to get started with Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira


We will end support this app on December 12, 2021. As you may know, Atlassian is going to drop Server products, so we are preparing to retire the server app.
If you have a plan for migration to Atlassian Cloud, please visit our cloud apps and get a free trial. > Click here

About Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira

  • Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira is a plugin that Integrate Jira and Jenkins to manage development process from build to deployment in Jira easily. 

  • Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira  can be installed only for Jira Server at present. 

  • We will update various features through user's valuable feedback.

Main Features

  • Control your development pipeline with approval process
    : Only authorized manager can approve the job.
  • Build or deploy multiple jobs
    : Run multiple jobs at once and reduce overlapping tasks.
  • Track the history of all updates 
    : All changes are updated in Jira to monitor all history.

  • Visualize the process status in Jira issues
    : It is possible to visualize the status of job.

How To Install

Please check the below before start to install

  • You should have a Jira Server Administrators Account. 
  • Check the version of current Jira and supported version of  'Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira'. 
    : Plugin SDK 8.0.16 
    : Jira Server 7.6.1 - 8.2.1
  • Supported Languages : English

Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira Installing Guide for Administrator

  1. Log into Jira instance as an admin. 
  2. Click 'Setting' on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click Find new apps or Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate 'Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira' via search. The appropriate app version appears in the search results. 

  5. Click 'Jenkins Build & Deployment for Jira' and 'Try in free' on the top of the right.

How To Use

STEP 1 Manage Jira and Jenkins setting

  1. Creating a custom field in Jira 
    Add a custom field 
    Configure a custom field

  2. Creating a Project role in Jira and adding users
     Create a project role and add users to give project permission.

  3. Jenkins API Token 
     Click your account and go to setting from the right-hand side of the Jenkins Homepage.
    ② Go to [API Token] > [Add new Token] and click [Generate]. 
    ③ Copy the token.

  4. Configuration Setting 
    ① Select 'Approver Project Role' to approve the job.
    ② Select 'Possible Start Job Role' to start the job.
    ③ Enter your Jenkins account and paste the API Token.

    (warning) When you uncheck 'Enable Approve Process' or 'Enable Possible StartJob Process' the approval procedure is not performed.

STEP 2 Create an issue

  1.  Click  '+' icon and select Jenkins information on the bottom. 


① Some parameters cannot linked. : 'Build selector for Copy Artifact', 'Credentials Parameter', 'File Parameter', and 'External plugin parameters'

② You cannot run jobs that have same job name even if the parameter value is different.

③ For parameter interlocking, you must enter parameter name in Jenkins. If not so 'Unsupported Parameter type' will be shown as below.

STEP 3 Start jobs

1. After a user in charge of project role ('approver1' 'approver2')  clicks ARRROVE button, START JOB button is activated. 


2.  After a user in charge of running a Job  clicks  START JOBS button, the job is completed.

3. You can check the status for the job in 'Flow Info Status'.

(info) Status icon






In Queueing







STEP 4 Track the history 

  1. View history of all updates that have been made in an issue.


Q1. After clicking 'Start Jobs' button, the Status spinner keeps on loading.

  • When you run multiple jobs, the loading may be delayed. 

  • If the spinner keeps on loading infinitely, click 'F5' to refresh the screen.

Q2. I create an issue but would like to modify the Jenkins custom filed.

  • Jenkins custom field can not be modified after creating issue. 

  • Change the Workflow status to end/cancel the issue, and create another issue to set the Jenkins information setting again.

Q3. If there are multiple users in the Approver Project Role, do I need all user's approval?

  • Yes, for Approver Project Role, all users must be approved.

Q4.  If there are multiple users in the Possible Start Job Role, do I need all user's action?

  • No, for Possible Start Job Role, even if only one out of users clicks 'Start Job', the job is executed.

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