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Infraware Polaris Office Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) always makes its best efforts to protect the personal information as it considers the protection of personal information saved under Atlassian Add On (hereinafter "App") is significant. This Privacy Policy, effective from April 08, 2020 explains the information the company collects, as well as the reason for the collection and what measures are taken to handle the collection.


The app of the company, which handles personal information, is as follows. Additional personal information that the app collects for a special purpose is separately specified.

1. Personal Information Collection Items and Collection Measures

Some data from Confluence is sent to Infraware in Polaris Office in order to provide file management features. It does not store any personal data. Data sent to Infraware Polaris Office server is not stored or kept as it is not needed once parsing is complete. Communication between Atlassian server and add-ons is always transmitted over HTTPS.


The company devotes its effort to protect information from illegal access, change, exposure, or deletion for the users.
The passwords are mandated to access user data and sensitive data inputted to pay a charged service will be encrypted by SSL.
Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that the information sent to others by your choice is completely safe because wired and wireless networks do not provide complete security. Accordingly, information being accessed, exposed, changed, or damaged is possible because physical, technical, or management safety devices may be attacked and destroyed.

  • Posting date: April 0801, 20202021
  • Enforcement date: April 08, 2020