Polaris Office Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) always makes its best efforts to protect the personal information as it considers the protection of personal information saved under Atlassian Add On (hereinafter "App") is significant. This Privacy Policy, effective from April 08, 2020 explains the information the company collects, as well as the reason for the collection and what measures are taken to handle the collection.

The app of the company, which handles personal information, is as follows. Additional personal information that the app collects for a special purpose is separately specified.

1. Personal Information Collection Items and Collection Measures

Some data from Confluence is sent to Polaris Office in order to provide file management features. It does not store any personal data. Data sent to Polaris Office server is not stored or kept as it is not needed once parsing is complete. Communication between Atlassian server and add-ons is always transmitted over HTTPS.

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We exceptionally collect personal information from the following categories of sources: 

  1. Directly from You. For example, (i) if users need customer service support through e-mail or telephone. (ii) if you fill out a form or communicate with us through one of our websites to receive information
  2. Directly and indirectly from activity on our websites. For example, from observing your actions on our websites or through your submission of an online form requesting a demonstration or walkthrough for one of our products or services.
  3. When you use your mobile device to interact with us or use the app, we may receive information about your mobile device, including, as noted above, a unique identifier for your device. The company and third parties we collaborate with may use cross-device/cross-context tracking. For example, you might use multiple browsers on a single device, or use various devices (such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets), which can result in your having multiple accounts or profiles across these various contexts and devices. Cross-device/cross-context technology may be used to connect these various accounts or profiles and the corresponding data from the different contexts and devices.

2. Objectives of Personal Information Collection and its Legal Basis

The company uses personal information in a limited capacity while providing service. 

  • Consent by the data subject

The company may provide product offer or marketing information to users who agree to such provisions. Such information can be referred to for delivering event information or posting ads. User may opt to deny reception of such information in the service/event notification option in the account setup of service.

  • Use of information
    To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may use personal information collected in connection with our Services, including. 
  1.  To operate the apps of the company and provide support our functions. 
  2.  To protect against criminal activity, claims and other liabilities.
  3.  To send users information regarding the app and issues specifically affecting the app. 
  4.  To respond to reviews, comments, or other feedback provided to us. 
  5.  To protect the security and integrity of our Services, content, and our business. 
  6.  To provide customer support. 
  7.  For benchmarking, data analysis, audits, developing new products, enhancing the app and services, facilitating product, applications development, improving our services, conducting research, analysis, studies or surveys, identifying usage trends, as well as for other analytics purposes.
  8.  To meet our contractual requirements. 
  9.  To comply with applicable legal or regulatory requirements and our policies. 
  10.  To communicate with our users; to inform users and users of products, programs, services and promotions. 
  11.  For any other lawful purpose for which the information is collected.

3. Personal Information Disposal Procedures and Measures

The disposal procedures and measures of personal information are follows.

  • Disposal procedures

A user's personal information is stored for a certain time period due to the information protection reason according to the internal policy or other laws and then disposed once the goals are achieved.

  • Disposal measures

The personal data printed on paper can be disposed by destruction or incineration and an electrical format of personal data can be deleted by using a technical measure that prevents restoration of data.

4. User's Rights

Every user has the following rights

  • Rights to receive information

The company will notify the user of legal issues and obtain consent before processing the personal information.
The overall aspects of the personal data processing can be immediately checked on the privacy policy.

  • Rights to view and correct

A user can view or correct their personal information through 『account setting』.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company supplies the personal information to a third party in the following cases of exceptions.

  • Agreement made by the users in advance

When the personal data is provided for a third party, the company requests explicit and individual agreements after notifying a person who receives personal information, purpose, items, possession, and period of use in advance.
If a user that uses the service for free in EEA area agrees to supply personalized ads through the acceptance message, then to transmit user interest based personalized ads with good quality from the ads network, IDFA(iOS), ADID/GAID(Android), User Agent (OS, OS version), IP, Device Type and so on can be collected. The consent can be revoked anytime within the app.

  • In case that the relevant laws have special provisions for it.

6. Child's Personal Information

The service is not intended for a child below 14 years old.
If the company finds out that the personal information of a child below 14 years old is collected or if the legal guardian requests membership withdrawal(cancellation) of that child, then the company will immediately try to delete it.

7. Installation/Employment of Automated Personal Information Collection Equipment and Refusal

The company uses 'Cookie' which saves and brings out user information in order to provide personalized and customized services.

  • What is a cookie?

Cookie are diminutive text files - sending to user browser from the servers operated by the websites - saved in the computer’s hard-disk. So, if the users visit websites, the websites' servers read cookie data saved in users' hard-disks to maintain users' environment settings and provide customized services.
The users can always deletes or denies to save cookie since the cookie does not collect information which identify individuals automatically nor actively.

  • Purpose of using Cookie

The company supports a faster Web environment for users by saving settings preferred by users via cookies and uses them for service improvements for increased convenience. Because of this incident, the users are able to use the service easily. In addition, cookies allow the company to provide a personal customized service, including advertisements, by understanding the users' website visits, patterns, and interests.

  • Installation/employment of Cookie and denial

A user has the right to select cookie installation. Thus, a user can set the option on the web browser to allow every cookie or, perform confirmation each time a cookie is saved or reject saving of any cookie. But if they reject saving of any cookie, then the web use will become difficult and some of service requiring a log in may be unavailable.

  • Following directions will give a guidance to designate allowance of Cookie installation.
  1. Chrome: Selection Menu on right side of web-browser > Selection of Extended Setting on bottom of screen (wording may differ) > Personal Information Contents Selection Button > Cookie
  2.  Internet Explorer: Tool Menu on upper side of web-browser > Internet Option > Personal Information > Setting

8. Customer Service for Privacy Inquiries

If you have any questions or inquiries about privacy, contact us using the information below.

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): Miles Haeseok Lee
  • Email address: support@infraware-global.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or questions regarding privacy issues. The Company will endeavor to provide solutions to any claims, concerns, or questions from users.

9.  Privacy Policy Changes

To reflect the changes in the service or the laws, the company can modify its privacy policy, In case of addition, deletion or modification in the current privacy policy, the company will post the reason and details on the web site or emails if necessary.

10. Security

The company devotes its effort to protect information from illegal access, change, exposure, or deletion for the users.
The passwords are mandated to access user data and sensitive data inputted to pay a charged service will be encrypted by SSL.
Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that the information sent to others by your choice is completely safe because wired and wireless networks do not provide complete security. Accordingly, information being accessed, exposed, changed, or damaged is possible because physical, technical, or management safety devices may be attacked and destroyed.

  • Posting Date: April 08, 2020
  • Enforcement date: April 08, 2020

Miscellaneous Provision

The content of this Privacy Policy may vary per language as countries have different legal requirements. If there is any conflict between the Privacy Policy in different languages, the policy in the language of the country shall prevail, and if such a policy does not exist, the policy in English shall prevail. The Privacy Policy in Korean is applied to Korea exclusively.

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