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This page is created to share the useful information you need to get started with Attachments Manager for Confluence


About Attachments Manager

  • Attachments Manager is a plugin that enables you to manage unused attachment files from Confluence space and page conveniently.

  • We recommend Attachments Manager to Confluence cloud users who want to optimize cloud storage by checking and managing unused attachments.

  • Attachments Manager can be installed only for Confluence Cloud at present.

  • We will update various features through user's valuable feedback.

How To Install

Please check the below before start to install

  • You should have a Confluence Cloud Administrators Account.
  • Check the version of current Confluence and supported version of Attachments Manager.
  • Supported Languages : English

Attachments Manager Installing Guide for Administrator

  1. Log into Confluence instance as an admin.
  2. Click 'Setting' on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click Find new apps or Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate Attachments Manager for Confluence via search. .The appropriate app version appears in the search results.
  5. Click Attachments Manager and 'Try in free' on the top of the right.

Key Features

Delete Attachments

  • Delete various attachment easily by multi-selecting.

  • Delete attachment by filtering condition what you want : Format, Creator, Page, Name, Creation Date.

  • When multiple files of the same name were uploaded, remove old version of files except for latest version at once.

  • Remove unused files that have been deleted after being inserted into the page but remain in the attachment list.

Download attachments

  • Select multiple files what you need from attachments list and download it at once.
  • Multi-selected files is downloaded by Zip file simply.  

Check the information about attachments

  • Check the information about size of total or old version and the number of files via attachments manager.
  • Check the information about files by filtering condition what you want : Format, Creator, Page, Name, Creation Date.
  • Check the number of attachments and capacity information selected for deletion and download.


Q1. What is the 'Unused Attachments'?

  • Unused Attachments means files that were deleted after uploading to the page, but still remain in the attachment list.

  • Unused Attachments are not embedded into any page while you edit a page. As a result, files attached from a file list or files created from a Macro/ Comments also can be deleted. In case of attachment is being used on the page or at Macro/Comments, uncheck before deleting it. Deleted attachments can be recovered from space trash.

Q2. In case of uploading same name files,

  • If a file with the same name is uploaded to the page, all existing files will be replaced with the latest version because of the confluence policy.

  • When you select 'Selected All Old Version', all old version will be selected except for latest version in Attachments Manager, so you can delete unused old files easily.
  • When you upload same name file, you can see the version number at file name.

  • The latest version is displayed as the file name and only the Old Version. The higher the number, the more recent version.

Q3. Can I recover deleted files from trash?

  • Deleted file is moved to trash, it can be recovered by administrator.
  • However, the old version files created by uploading with the same name are deleted immediately without being moved to the trash, and cannot be recovered from the administrator account.

Q4. Attachments managing in 'Space' available only for administrator.

  • The Atlassian Cloud Privilege is composed of Basic / Trusted / Admin, and the Atlassian policy allows access to Space Setting only for the Admin account.
  • In the 'page', attachment management is possible for all accounts, not just administrators.

Q5. Is there any limitation for free trial version?

  • Trial version allows to delete or download only 3 attempts. 
  • Trail version allows to delete or download 3 attachments per attempt.

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